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Welcome to COCO'S CLUCKERS.  Please come into my coop!  I sell  my chicken's eggs, which are always fresh, organic and high in omegas.  I sell my eggs so I can save my money to buy a horse.  I have many chickens and chicks.  I have Americaunas, a Black Cochin bantam, Dominique's, Egyptian Fayoumis, Golden Laced Polish and mystery breeds.  My girls are happy, civilized, free ranging chickens.  My eggs sell for $4.00 a dozen.  They are irresistible.  

Company Profile

WHO I AM:  I am an eight year old girl named Coco who lives in Sonoma County in California.  I like Aikido and horseback riding.  I have been saving my money for the past year so I can buy a horse.  I hope to be part of the 4H chicken project.


COMPANY HISTORY: We got chickens 5 years ago, just for fun.  Now we have 14 girls.  We had a rooster named Sheket b'vakesha (Hebrew for 'be quiet now').  We had to find him a new home because he was asserting dominance over me.

MY EMPLOYEE LIST:  Me (Coco), my webmaster (my brother Candler), Coop lockers & egg washers (my Mom & Dad), The Girls (Huevos, Rancheros, Funf, Venus, Turkey-Lurkey, Spotty the roadrunner, Black-white, Frightful, Mommy Licorice).  Employees in training: Over easy, Sunny side up, Pharaoh and Moses (4 week old baby chicks).


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